What is your Independence Day???

Tomorrow is 4th of July, or Independence Day for the United States of America. I thought to myself how in my opinion this country’s independence and the “democracy it stands for,” is falling apart.

Then I thought about my Independence Day. The day that I made the personal decision to believe in Jesus Christ as my personal savior or born again. We read in John 3:3, Jesus replied, “I assure you unless you are born again, you can never see the Kingdom of God. Later in verse 6, Jesus said, “Humans can reproduce only human life, but the Holy Spirit gives new life from heaven.” All one needs to do is read and believe in John 3:16. The day I believed in this verse is my Independence Day, not the Fourth of July.

For me I accepted Jesus as my personal savior in 1983, but I really did not give God the lead in my life. After experiencing a family tragedy and fighting with God for a few years I decided I did not control events on this earth, and that while I don’t understand the reasons for events that happen in our lives, I will really trust God with my life. One day I will find the answer to some of my question. This was in August of 1994 in Fort Collins Colorado.

I write this article hoping that each of you will consider what Independence Day means for you. So I ask you what is your Independence Day? If you have not given your life to Jesus and experienced a spiritual rebirth written in John 3 then please pray about this and let me or someone else know so we can help you with this important decision.

We as men of God need to share our story with the lost, in hopes of expanding the Kingdom of God.
Please enjoy the Fourth of July and also reflect on your Independence Day.

God Bless,

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“100 Square Mile Retreat”

This past weekend a total of eleven Northside Men traveled to Antelope Oregon and stayed at the Wilderness Camp on the Washington Family Ranch (Young Life). We set off Saturday morning driving the 100 square mile or the ranch, sometimes on roads and other times not on roads. I have never had my truck so dirty. We saw all types of God’s creatures like deer, antelope, coyotes, snakes, and a few bass. We just enjoyed being outdoors in the sun seeing what our Master created.

Genesis 1 & 2 oulines how and why God created this earth and living things on the earth. If you ever get the opportunity to visit the Young Life resort take time to drive off the beaten path and observed the flowers, plants, trees and animals. Smell the junipers and the smog free air. The stars that you can see when you get away from the city are amazing.

We also took time to tour the Young Life resort where kids go every week in the summer for a Christian camp they will remember. Zip lines, a lake, a pool, a huge dinning hall were they are waited on hand and foot, to living area’s built for a king. They can race karts, ride bikes and horses. If they get bored they can enjoy climbing walls, basketball, volleyball, skateboarding, weight liftng, billliards, or ping pong in an air conditioned sports complex (real rough).

We finished our Friday afternoon shooting trap, rifles and pistols at the shooting range, along with watching our host kill a rattlesnake that didn’t like us being at the range.

When we got back to camp it was showers, dinners, and a night around a hugh campfire. I cannot break our pledge of confidentially that is agreed upon with the discussion and sharing around the campfire. I can tell you the Holy Spirit was present at this retreat.

This was truly a retreat to remember.

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“Change, Love or Hate It”

As I open the pages of the blog to the world to read I decided to talk about change.  How we as people love or hate change, and how we as Christians love or loath change.

Yes, Northside Community Church is experiencing change with pastor Shaun leaving.  We as humans can love this or hate this.  I will go out on a limb and say most of us as people do not like having to deal with this transition.  If you are like me, the human side of me has lots of questions, issues, and ideas about the process.  These feelings can disrupt our lives by causing unnecessary heart ache and even dissention among the ranks.  I must admit that I have allowed these feelings into my life.  The question is how we deal with these feelings and issues.  For me I had to do some real soul searching.  And after a meeting last week with Pastor Scott this all came to a head with me and God. 

I was reading in Mark 14:32-41 for my devotional time the other day and this passage spoke to me with the following points.  These verses tell of Jesus taking Peter, James, and John with him to the olive grove and asking them to pray for him and watch while he went a little farther.  If you remember three time Jesus came back and found them sleeping.   And then in verse 36 we read that Jesus pray’s, “Abba, Father,” he said, “Everything is possible for you.  Please take this cup of suffering away from me.  Yet I want your will, not mine.”

Here is what I took from this scripture that has help me deal with the stress and feelings about our current transition at Northside.  First I need to take everything and especially the transition issues to God in prayer, earnest prayer not when I am tired and in a hurry.  Second not my will but your will God.  If Jesus could die because it was the Father’s will, shouldn’t I be praying also that God has his way in the transition of Pastors and duties at Northside?  From that point on I get up every morning and give my worries to God and ask him to give me peace and that his will is going to be done in his Church and at Northside.  This has really helped me to be at peace and ease.  For me this means also that God will help me stay away from certain talk and people, which is very difficult.

I hope and pray this article might help others to cope as Northside transitions into a new world with a new leader ship structure and pulpit pastor.  Let’s pray for our board and pastors as decisions are being made, and let’s remember “not my way Lord, but your way.”

Now, let’s hear from some of you.

Disclaimer:  I do not profess to be a writer and the views in this page are my views and only my views.  Punctuation has never been my strong point so please forgive any you find.

God Bless you all,


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“Sow seeds in good soil”

Pastor Shaun’s message on sowing and his question,  “did we sow our seeds in good soil this week.”  I can honestly say yes, I did sow my seeds in good soil this week with respect to how I personnally acted or talked around friends and people.  A bigger question for me is did I sow enough seeds?  Kind of like planting a new yard with grass and how much seed do you need to spread for the yard to be thick.  My only experience with growing grass (the legal grass) was I did not use enough seed, it took two years for the lawn to be as thick as I liked it. 

This same thought should penatrate us, do we cast enough seed each day and week to even see any growth, growth of the kingdom and people?  To this I must admit I did not and most of the time have not.  Pure and simple it is call evangelism, and I believe the Church as a whole in this post modern era has gotten away from evangelism.  I would really love to have this ministry develop into a ministry that sows good seeds in good soil.

Please pray for the “Catch and Release Ministry” (Northside Men’s Ministry) and for the spirit to fall upon it, changing lives and reaching out to the lost.


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Hello world!

Thanks for checking out the new Blog for Men’s Ministries at Northside Community Church in Newberg,  Oregon.  We well be updating this blog regularly with news, upcoming events and information and needs of our community.  Please check back regularly.  To be notified when there is a new posting, please sign up for the e-mail notification.  Thanks for the visit and we hope this will prove to be a good tool for our communications with the men of our church and all others who have interest in our ongoing activities.

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